DAS and BDA Solutions for General Contractors

General contractors have a full plate, and the last thing they're concerned with is a distributed antenna system. Nevertheless, a fire marshal won't hand over a certificate of occupancy without a public safety DAS.

Similarly, it will be difficult to find commercial occupants for new buildings if those structures do not support cellular signal. Fortunately, Day Wireless Systems does both.

A public safety DAS is a requirement enforced by the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). General contractors must factor public safety DAS into their budget and into their blueprints before a building can be occupied. They'll often take the path of least resistance by signing the first DAS integrator to respond to an RFP, only to be burned by a high-cost, low-performance implementation. 

Day Wireless Systems' engineers and project managers work directly with general contractors or electrical sub-contractors to make sure that each public safety DAS implementation is optimized for the specific structure.

  • We provide the system design, testing and implementation.
  • We comply completely with IFC/NFPA fire codes.
  • We deliver on time and on budget. 

Work direct with Day Wireless Systems for the best public safety DAS outcome.