Cellular Systems

Cell DAS or Enterprise DAS solutions differ from the Booster technology discussed in another section of our site, is size and scope of the design, installation, deployment and relationship with the carriers themselves.

Enterprise solutions are designed for large venues, campus environments, and sometimes high-volume user locations. Many key factors go into the decision to use a booster technology versus a enterprise solution. Beside the factors above, one of the key deciding components is the involvement or even the authorization from the cell carriers themselves.

Carrier involvement in the deployment of a DAS has a significant impact on design and timeline. Day Wireless works closely with the carriers and therefore can engage in the process and contractual complexities. Making sure the process flows and potential delay issues are mitigated in advance.

Ultimately, it will be your (customer) decision on how we proceed with the DAS solution implementation. We will do our best to inform you of your choices and provide you with a best-in-class solution.

Keep in mind, all DAS solutions are custom designed for your needs. Even though Enterprise DAS is mostly used in larger applications, depending on your specific environment and solution request, we will recommend what will benefit you the most, booster or Enterprise.