The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires an FCC license for exclusive use of your own frequency for private, interference-free communications. Navigating the FCC requirements can be a daunting task. Our in-house frequency coordinators can help by handling all your FCC licensing requirements so you can focus on operations.


Our dedicated staff will guide you through the application procedure from beginning to end.

  • Apply for a New License
  • Modify an Existing License
  • Special Temporary Authority
  • Assignments of Authorization
  • Construction Notification Filing
  • Waivers and Justifications
  • Petitions for Reconsideration
  • FAA/FCC Tower Registration
  • RF Maximum Exposure Reports
  • Spectrum Acquisitions and Brokerage
  • Database Management
  • Regulatory Counsel

Comprehensive Expertise

Rely on the experts at Day for all FCC regulatory concerns.

  • Land Mobile Radio Part 90
  • Microwave Part 101
  • Satellite Part 25
  • Marine Part 80
  • Aviation Part 87
  • Antenna Structures Part 17
  • Personal Radio Services Part 95

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When your communications need FCC licensing, our experts offer guidance you can trust.

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