Our Capabilities

Day Wireless Systems is a full suite DAS solution integrator with the flexibility and knowledge to assist you in any step of your DAS project. View our DAS services below.

System Design

Our approach to system design is customer-centric and considers several factors to ensure we are meeting each of our customers unique needs and objectives. Our goal is to provide our clients with a reliable system that will last for years to come.

When designing a DAS solution, we consider:

  • Building size.
  • Building location.
  • Building composition
  • Frequencies used by the Emergency Responder Radios
  • Donor signal location and strength
  • Calculations including link budget, noise floor, and isolation
  • State and local building and fire code standards that may include necessary conduit, plenum coax, additional battery backup, etc

Our experienced engineers use software to create predicted coverage of your building, an equipment list, and installation diagrams including appropriate amplifier and antenna placement, and coax cable pathways. The custom system design will serve as an essential guide during the installation process.


Our FCC licensed technicians are equipped to expertly install every element of your DAS system. Day Wireless works closely with our public safety and cellular DAS partners to ensure our technicians have up to date credentials on the deployment of DAS solutions. This ensures an accurate installation process with little down time.

Our service installation services include:

  • Site surveys
  • DAS Head end and amplification components
  • Battery backup units
  • Co-ax or fiber installation
  • Connectors, splitters, couplers, tappers, etc
  • Donor and Coverage Antennas
  • Conduit
  • Optimization, System Turn up, Testing, and Certification

Coverage Testing

Our coverage testing services uses sophisticated equipment and software. The equipment can measure many data sets and creates reports that can give you easily digestible maps, charts, and graphs of your building's current coverage. Coverage testing can determine exactly where problem areas lie and helps integrators like Day Wireless with hard data so that we can provide appropriately designed solutions.

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Project Management

Our certified DAS project management team understands the nuances of every step of a DAS project no matter the size or scope. Whether you choose to utilize any of our other DAS project services or not, your project managers will work closely with engineers, installation crews, subcontractors, and local AHJs to ensure your project runs smoothly and within projected timelines.

On-going Support

We are dedicated to ensuring that your satisfaction in our DAS services continues beyond the point of permit approval. The continued up-keep of your system is just as important as the initial deployment and we have to expertise to maintain your DAS solution.

Our support services include:

  • Annual inspection
  • System monitoring
  • Preventative maintenance

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