DAS and BDA Solutions for Electrical Contractors

Electrical contractors regularly come across Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (ERRC) and distributed antenna system (DAS) requirements in bid specs for large projects. They may have the resources to handle some aspects of those requirements; however, public safety DAS installation, and compliance with the authority having jurisdiction, typically necessitate the assistance of a knowledgeable sub-contractor.

First responders rely on public safety DAS to maintain radio-frequency signal strength in large structures. Therefore, these installations must adhere to the aspects of the International Fire Code (IFC) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) enforced by the AHJ. Public safety DAS is also a complex installation, and it requires a special knowledge of:

  • Tools used to identify system requirements for building-specific needs. 
  • Backbone infrastructure and cabling needs (coaxial versus fiber and when to use which) to support the system.
  • Channel requirements. 
  • Much more.

Day Wireless System's expert engineers can quickly provide an accurate, cost-effective quote for all of the project requirements associated with a public safety DAS. Our project managers guide electrical contractors end-to-end through DAS installation and maintenance, so they can focus on their core competencies and continue to win RFPs without fear or hesitation of public safety DAS requirements. Check out our free eBook, "7 Things Electrical Contractors Need to Know About Public Safety DAS," to learn more.