Day Wireless Systems has been a leader in radio-frequency and two-way radio solutions for over 50 years. No one has more experience with distributed antenna systems and bi-directional amplifiers (DAS/BDA) than our team of experts.

We deliver high-quality technical support for in-building wireless communications without fail, and not just because we’ve done this longer than anyone else. Our highly skilled teams of certified engineers, technicians and project managers make us the DAS integrator to beat, as does our unwavering dedication to quality.

Our national footprint also makes us easy to work with, regardless of your location. With 25 offices on the West Coast and a long history of serving customers throughout the U.S., our team is ready to go wherever it’s needed.

Reliable End-to-End DAS Services

Day Wireless Systems’ DAS services encompass testing, design, equipment, installation, project management, optimization, certification and recertification.

We support most market-leading DAS manufacturers, because we believe that the right solution for your organization isn’t the one that’s available; it’s the one that’s the best-suited to your unique requirements.

Signal Strength You Need and Want

In today's always-connected world, DAS is not just a government-imposed mandate in many cases, but also an expectation from the public.

Our daily lives are integrated with full mobile access to wireless services. For safety, work, play and everything in between, we rely on the best wireless service coverage. Our first responders need and expect constant connectivity to keep us and themselves safe. We need it to stay in contact with loved ones and connected to the digital universe regardless of our location.

Day Wireless Systems provides reliable connectivity when it matters most: Always.